Black Arch earrings

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Image of Black Arch earrings Image of Black Arch earrings Image of Black Arch earrings

Ceramic earrings made from terracotta clay with a burnt black colour wash (a blend of cobalt and iron oxide)
Fired to earthenware temperature, lightly scrubbed for a smoother surface and
coated with beeswax polish
The finish is a soft, matte, charcoal look and feel - reminiscent of the iconic Grass Tree trunks of Western Australia

Handmade Sterling silver earwires

Image #3 shows the earrings next to an adult-size hand shape

Length 5.5cm
Width 3cm at base
Overall length 7cm

Care for your earrings
Ceramic is a robust material when handled appropriately but will shatter if dropped from a height so care in putting on and taking off is highly recommended! Standing on a rug or leaning over a bench (say in the bathroom) while putting the earrings on is a good preventive to breakage.